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Artificial Pampas Grass Tree | Brown

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This native variety never goes out of style ! This gorgeous grass tree stays true to the Aussie terrain with long grass and small beautiful flowers. 

Why we love our Artificial Pampas Grass Tree

Pampas Grass varieties are eternally cool! Perfect for so many different aesthetics whether your space is more relaxed and beachy or you’re living out your retro dream, our Artificial Pampas Grass Tree will enhance any space. For more colours and options check out our sister site Handcrafted Flowers 

What’s the best way to style this plant?

This baby is designed to make a statement, make sure you pop it somewhere it can be admired. Lighten up an entryway or corner space, a taller style pot is essential for this fake grass tree and we think it looks fab with our new Grey Harry Pot


This Artificial Tree is 130 cm in Height 

Why choose artificial?

We have customers who simply have restrictions – be it low light, busy schedules, small children, or curious pets. Faux plants give them the ability to bring greenery and joy into their space, minus the headache. Find out more here.

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Foliage That Won’t Quit

Our artificial plants boast resilient foliage that remains vibrant and lush without any maintenance.

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Rest assured with our artificial plants, crafted to withstand the test of time, cementing confidence in their longevity and durability.

Maintenance No More

Say goodbye to upkeep worries with our artificial plants, offering a hassle-free solution without sacrificing beauty.

Crafted to Perfection

Each artificial plant features meticulously crafted foliage, ensuring perfection in every detail for a lifelike appearance.

No Boundaries

Be it low light, busy schedules, small children, or curious pets, an artificial plant is the perfect option for you.

"This product went beyond my expectations... With fine details lile colour and size variation, it looks indeniably real"

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