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Our Roots...

Born in Melbourne, The Plants Project became a hobby turned passion. As a couple of house plant enthusiasts ourselves, we focused on rolling our love for greenery and the digital world into one unique space.

Greenery matters. Treating your living space as a natural extension of the outdoors has been credited to relieving stress, increasing productivity and creating a happy and vibrant home. Whether your space is a bright white kitchen or a tired living room, it's yours to personalise and we're here to help.

Whether your space is a bright white kitchen, a tired living room or a bland office or commercial space, it's yours to personlise and we're here to help. Our plant family has your project covered, no matter the size.

Faux or live plants, we’re no snubs.


Customer Care

Josh is always ensuring every customer that visits receives a positive experience. When he's not chilling with Sunny (our office pup) he's busy offering advice and getting back to all your queries and emails.



From putting together our beautiful wall planters to matching you with the best pots and accessories for your new plant. Maddie loves adding green! She'll work with you to design the most compatible options and layouts to bring your space to life.


Plant Designer

Need commerical design and install assistance? Judy is who we turn to! She helps coordinate teams across Australia with carefully considered plant selections and designs to bring the wow factor back to your space.


Ball of Fluff

Our new pup is busy causing havoc! She brings the good vibes with amazing licks and keeps the energy up. Loves a walk around the block and finishing off everyone's lunches.

Keep it in the family...

As a family-owned business, our team of plant experts are always here to lend a friendly hand. Whether that's design advice, plant selection or putting together custom options with our talented florists - we'll work together to build your green oasis while bringing personality and life back to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.