Office Plants

Create your ideal aesthetic or design with our curated collection of incredibly lifelike, but fake office plants, ranging from small faux plants to statement trees, from foliage and floral arrangements to mid-sized plants. We can help breathe life into your busy office or workspace, with no upkeep artificial plants are the perfect solution, they will instantly uplift the space.

Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant
From $289
Artificial Spider Plant
From $49
Black Pot Base
Artificial Raphis Palm Tree
From $499
Artificial Mexican Palm
From $89
Stem Base
Artificial Asplenium Fern
From $69
Stem Base

Shop Our Wide Range Of Artificial Indoor Office Plants Online

Introducing beautiful indoor plants for office spaces is simple and foolproof with The Plants Project. 

Create your ideal aesthetic or design through the use of tropical greenery such as that seen on our lush Bird of Paradise plant or enjoy a sleek and understated vibe with one of our Fiddle Leaf Figs

Not only offering commercial or home office plants we also supply a variety of pots and planters for sale. Ensuring you can find the ideal combination of greenery, texture and colour for your needs and preferences. 

Boost Productivity & Appeal

The perfect solution for busy workplaces, fake plants for office environments instantly uplift a space and create interest. 

Research has even linked indoor office plants with improved mood, concentration and creativity. This means filling any office with plants is a wise investment, particularly when they require minimal care. 

Whether to make customers feel more welcome or to improve productivity through a more appealing work environment, buying office plants with us can help.

Maintenance-Free, Modern Office Plants

Shopping for faux plants with us delivers maximum impact with no ongoing costs related to upkeep or replacement. Low light, full sun, extreme heat or cold - our plants continue to look amazing year after year. 

Requiring virtually no maintenance aside from a light dusting from time to time, there are zero dead leaves to remove, no messy soil spills and no need to water. Simply place and enjoy!