Artificial Trees

From fake trees to large faux plants. We've got an amazing selection of large artificial trees. Our realistic outdoor artificial tree range is always growing - be in touch if there's something you can't find and we might be able to source it for you. We're known for our amazing quality and lifelike range - artificial olive trees, artificial fiddle leaf fig trees, artificial bamboo trees, artificial rubber trees and more!

Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant
From $289
Artificial Fiddle Leaf
From $339
Artificial Olive Tree
From $589
Artificial Ficus Tree
From $629
Artificial Fine Ficus Tree
From $459
Artificial Yucca Tree
From $449
Artificial Small Ficus Tree
From $289
Artificial Split Philo Tree
From $549
Artificial Kentia Palm Tree
From $509 $499

Create Stunning Spaces with Artificial Trees

The right tree can make any space look excellent, whether that’s in the home or outside in an entertaining area. An artificial tree gives you the ability to avoid the hassle of purchasing, transporting, and planting a real tree. It also means a nearly instant addition to the garden, without the need to wait years for your tree to grow!

Versatile Range of Artificial Trees for Sale Online

Our large collection consists of a range of high-quality artificial trees, including Fiddle Leaf Figs, Rubber Trees, and even authentic fake Bamboo Trees. A number of our faux trees come in different sizes, ranging from 110 cm to 180 cm. They’re adaptable to a range of spaces and can nestle comfortably into your living room, or stand proudly next to your front door.

There’s something for every aesthetic or design. If you’re aiming for a European feel for your outdoor space, you can’t go wrong with an artificial Olive Tree. Similarly, a Bird of Paradise perfectly fits a tropical, island vibe. Nail your design aesthetic today with quality artificial trees from our quality collection.

A curated selection of small and large plants, along with artificial hanging plants, can turn any room or outdoor space into a pleasant sanctuary. When you pair each plant with the perfect pot, the effect will be even more complete. Our extensive range includes minimalist options like our Ceramic Pot, along with a wide range of large yet lightweight, coloured pots. Our full range can be seen here.


Artificial trees are also valuable tools in the ongoing battle against leaves and dropped foliage in your garden. Our trees drop no leaves, so you won’t have to worry about sweeping up regularly throughout the year. No more worrying about cleaning up dead or dying trees in your backyard!

While our faux trees don’t need water or sunlight, they should be cleaned regularly. This is easily done; simply wipe down the leaves, trunks, and stems with a damp cloth. Alternatively, give them a light spray of water with the hose or a spray bottle.