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Foliage with Detail

Our artificial plants boast detailed and crafted foliage that remains lush without any maintenance.

Designed To Last

Our artificial plants, crafted to withstand the test of time.

Hassle Free

Say goodbye to upkeep worries with our artificial plants, offering a hassle-free solution without sacrificing beauty.

Natural Feel

meticulously crafted foliage, ensuring perfection in every detail for a lifelike appearance. Some of our plants even have real bark stems.

Happiness Guarantee

We've delivered to 1,000's of happy customers. We're guaranteeing your going to love your new green.

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Specialising in commercial projects, The Plants Project team excels in transforming office spaces, business sites, cafes, and retail environments across Australia. Contact us to explore how our faux plants and innovative designs can revitalise your space.

Need plant suggestions? Not sure where to start? Contact our expert team now to help bring your space to life. 0456 232 432

Need plant suggestions? Not sure where to start? Contact our expert team now to help bring your space to life. 0456 232 432

Choosing greenery online can be hard, so let us take the guess work out for you

Send us a photo of your empty space and we'll come back with product suggestions and mock up ideas within 24 hours. Our expert plant designers will know what's best! We love to help

+61 456 232 432

Our Clients...

At The Plants Project, we offer an extensive, curated range of artificial plants. Our collection includes high-quality and lifelike indoor plants, artificial outdoor plants, fake trees, and tastefully designed pots and wall planters. We have artificial plants in all sizes, perfect for every home or workplace. Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your space, without the hassle.

Why artificial plants?

We believe that every space needs at least a little bit of green. But sometimes life leaves little time to care for living plants. With our strikingly lifelike plants and creepers, you don’t need to worry about watering, trimming, fighting off bugs, or cleaning up. You won’t even need to think about giving them sufficient sunlight, simply place your faux plants wherever you like. 

Create your sanctuary

An oasis of greenery at home promotes relaxation and creativity. A wonderful selection of indoor artificial plants will create a space perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. A lush green living space, bedroom, or even an outdoor area with artificial outdoor plants, makes for a more comfortable home. Lush ferns, delicate hanging plants, tropical palms, and elegant Monsteras are all excellent options. When it comes to outdoor fake plants, we have several attractive options to choose from. Any one of these lifelike plants will improve your balcony or terrace effortlessly. 

Personalise with our faux greenery

Personalising your space with plants is a practice as old as time. And nothing complements a well-chosen plant like the right pot. Our extensive range includes all kinds of artificial plants, both indoor and outdoor. We also offer fake trees for something a little larger, and perfect for use as a centrepiece. Hanging plants and vines are wonderful additions to a wall that needs a little splash of green, and you won’t need to worry about trimming them.

A greener future

Quality and sustainability are always our priorities at The Plants Project. That’s why we only stock the highest quality artificial plants in Australia, along with durable and tasteful pots and planters. Create your captivating space with our curated collection of artificial plants today.