Large Artificial Plants

We stock an extensive collection of large artificial indoor plants, with something to suit every aesthetic. Large plants work well as a centrepiece, or a larger addition to an existing plant collection. Whether you want to spruce up your living room, dining area, or your bedroom, a large fake plant is always a great option.
Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant
From $289
Artificial Fiddle Leaf
From $339
Artificial Pothos Bush | Extra Large
From $119
Stem Base
Artificial Rubber Tree | Short
From $289
Artificial Monstera Plant
From $229
Black Pot Base
Artificial Yucca Tree
From $449
Artificial Chunky Cordyline Plant
From $239
Black Pot Base
Artificial Small Ficus Tree
From $289
Artificial Monstera Plant | Extra Wide
From $389
Black Pot Base

Our range includes common species like the Monstera, artificial Ficus Trees, artificial Yuccas, and even large, artificial Zanzibars. No matter your aesthetic and design choices, we have a tall artificial plant perfect for your space. We also have a fantastic selection of pots available, which you can see right here.

Research has shown time and time again that greenery improves our mood, reduces stress, and even makes us more productive. Studies have also proven that plants don’t have to be living to deliver most of these benefits. Therefore, placing large faux plants in your home or workplace will go a long way toward creating a more relaxing environment.

Large fake outdoor plants come with plenty of additional benefits. They are easy to maintain, not requiring water or sunlight. This means no more feeling the plant parent guilt when you remember you’ve not watered your plant for some time! Many homeowners or office workers refrain from placing plants in their space because they’re worried about a lack of light. However, this isn’t an issue with artificial plants; simply place them where you like! Additionally, large fake indoor plants won’t drop leaves or spread dirt around the room, meaning a faster cleaning process.

Gone are the days of dull, discoloured, plastic plants. At The Plants Project, we only stock high-quality tall artificial plants. They are incredibly lifelike, vibrant, and extremely durable. We also offer artificial hanging plants and fake outdoor plants -  we’ve got your entire home or office covered!

Keeping your large artificial indoor plants clean is important, but easy. Simply wipe down the leaves and stems regularly with a damp rag to remove dust or dirt. You can also use a spray bottle to make this even easier.