Artificial Vines

Our range of fake vines has something for everyone and every space. These high-quality artificial vines come in several sizes, colours, and spreads, ensuring you can choose a fake vine that fits into your space perfectly. Add a certain zest to your indoor area with fantastic vines from The Plants Project collection.

Our range of fake vines

There is a wide assortment of high-quality faux vines on offer, including popular species like Pothos, Baby Tears, String of Pearls, and much more. Fake ivy vines are another popular option, offering plenty for both the home and the office. Our plants are incredibly lifelike, carefully designed, and handmade with the highest quality products. 

This lifelike appearance makes our fake hanging plants the best available, and sure to contribute to your relaxing, nature-inspired aesthetic. Decorate your living space, your kitchen, or even your hallways. If you’re looking for fake vines for your bedroom, virtually any of our range is perfect. And you won’t even need to worry about watering, clipping, or cleaning up after your faux vines!

Perfect for every space

Vines can make any wall pop with a lovely spread of greenery. They also look wonderful when placed upon shelves or bookcases, providing a flowing cascade of vines and leaves. Artificial vines truly exude a relaxing vibe, no matter where they are placed. 

At work, fake hanging plants can provide a much needed dab of greenery in a possibly dull space. It can be hard to create an office environment that includes colour, but plants offer a wonderful solution to this dilemma. Simply hang your artificial vines from shelves, place them on top of storage units (where it’s safe to do so), sit them on your desk, or even in the kitchen!

Vines are a common feature in many Australian homes. Real vines can be tough to maintain, requiring a lot of regular attention, particularly if they are a fast-grower. They require regular clipping, and may well attract insects. However, our wonderful range of fake vines won’t bring in any unwanted guests.

Take a look at our range of faux vines today.