Artificial Outdoor Plants

Our UV protected Artificial Plants Outdoor are perfect for adding to outdoor spaces without worrying about sun or water damage! These outdoor artificial plants for will add much needed greenery to your outdoor living space! 

Artificial Outdoor Plants: Durable and Weather-Resistant

Artificial outdoor plants are durable and immune to extreme weather conditions, which certainly gives them a leg-up on living plants. Our range of outdoor faux plants includes hanging plants, potted artificial plants, and creepers, meaning there’s a fantastic option for every type of outdoor space.

Lifelike Beauty: Enhancing Your Outdoor Area

Our range includes bushy Royal Ferns, elegant Feather Bush, hanging Geraniums, and Philo Vine creepers, to name just a few. These artificial outdoor plants look exceptional and are incredibly lifelike, bringing the aesthetic appeal of real greenery without the required maintenance. They don’t need to be watered, they don’t need to be planted, and they do not require sufficient sunlight to maintain their beauty. 

Large artificial outdoor plants are also impressive additions to a verandah or outdoor space, particularly when they are paired with a sturdy Bruno Pot or large Ceramic Pot. A larger plant can dominate an outdoor space in the most aesthetically pleasing way, adding a big splash of green to your balcony or terrace. 

Fake hanging outdoor plants work very well hanging upon a balcony railing, or from hooks up above the railing. And if your outdoor space features concrete or brick walls, a Pothos Vine will look wonderful pinned to the wall. You won’t even need to worry about trimming your vine on a regular basis!

Easy Maintenance and Space Separators

Artificial trees and plants for your outdoor area are also very useful for separating spaces. On top of that, you won’t need to worry about any seasonal changes or leaves dropping from these plants, ensuring your backyard or entertaining area is easier to clean, all year round.

Although artificial outdoor plants are immune to the weather, keeping them clean is important. Regularly wiping down the leaves and the stems will only take a moment, but will keep your new garden additions looking sharp at all times. You can also use a light spray of water to help keep them clean.

Indoor Options Available

It’s important to keep in mind that this collection of fake plants is designed for outdoor use. We do, however, have an excellent collection of little green friends made for indoor use. If you’re looking for artificial indoor plants, take a look at the collection right here.