Small Artificial Plants

If you’re looking for a compact addition to your plant collection, you can’t go past our range of small artificial plants. At The Plants Project, we offer a range of high-quality fake plants of all sizes. And our small fake plants really pack a punch! Take a look at our collection of small artificial plants. There’s a small plant for every home or workplace.

Small artificial plants for the home

Small plants are a fantastic accessory in any home. You can place small fake plants on dining tables, coffee tables, shelves, cabinets… basically wherever you like. And these versatile beauties add so much to any existing living space, bedroom, or even the kitchen. A splash of green here and there can create a truly chill atmosphere, or complement your existing design aesthetic.

Small artificial plants for the workplace

Plants at work come with plenty of benefits, including increased productivity, more creativity, and less stress. With small artificial plants, you can reap all of these benefits without having to worry about maintaining real plants. No watering, no cleaning up after the plants, and no needing to trim or re-pot.

A small fake plant can be the perfect addition to your desk. Alternatively, perhaps your office or shop break area needs a little bit of natural colour. In that case, a plant can work wonders upon the table or bench, or on your shelves. Add a small fake plant to your meeting room or private office, or even the bathroom! These versatile, well-sized plants are truly perfect for any area in your workplace.

Low-maintenance fake plants

One of the very best things about small artificial plants is that they are low-maintenance. You can simply purchase the plants, place them wherever you like, and don’t need to worry about keeping them alive. Small fake plants don’t need water, they won’t grow, and you won’t need to trim them from time to time. They won’t drop leaves or attract insects… which is great news for your home or workplace.

If you are looking to buy excellent small artificial plants, take a look at our full range.