Why choose artificial? 


Our top reasons to buy artificial plants 

We have customers who simply have restrictions – be it low light, busy schedules, small children, or curious pets. Faux plants give them the ability to bring greenery and joy into their space, minus the headache.


Great for allergy sufferers

You know the feeling - Itchy eyes, a runny nose, wild sneezing episodes. Why put yourself through the misery of hay fever that some plants and florals bring? Go Faux. Unfortunately we don’t stock artificial pets so can’t help much with that cat allergy!


Great for inquisitive pets

Speaking of those curious little rascals, as pet owners know, they like to chew (the remote control anyone?) and our feline friends love to climb and explore. Some plant varieties are toxic to animals and can cause nasty side effects for our little mates if they decided to have an adventurous nibble. Save yourself an expensive trip to the vet and try an artificial variety of your favourite indoor plant.

Great for young kids

As much as we love them, young children can sometimes break things, tip things over and ingest things they aren’t supposed to. One of the great benefits to The Plants Project’s artificial range is their superior quality, we guarantee they can withstand whatever your little one may have instore. 

Great for darker rooms & areas

Lighting can be a huge encumbrance when providing a home for plants. Sometimes spaces within the home or office simply cannot accommodate the light that some plants require. You shouldn’t have to miss out on greening up your space just because of lower light. Choose an artificial option and lighten up the room with all things green!



Great for those without a green thumb

It’s tricky! Plants can be fussy little (and big) things. Too much water? Not enough water? Too much light? Not enough light? Fertiliser? The right soil? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming knowing what to do with an indoor plant, especially as they all have different requirements. We take the guesswork out with our artificial range, all you need to do is choose a good spot for your new artificial plant – Easy!


Great if you’re not at home much (Or busy when you are)

Don’t fall victim to the cliché of coming home from a trip to a dead houseplant. The reality is, in our busy lives with so much going on, we can sometimes forget to tend to our plants and that’s okay. Enjoy an indoor green paradise with zero maintenance.


Great for your pocket

Artificial plants do come at a higher price point than live varieties, this is because they are designed to last a lifetime. At The Plants Project we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our faux varieties and we can guarantee you will be delighted with how convincing and beautiful our artificial plants and trees can be.



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