Best hanging indoor plants to decorate!


Shake things up in your place and let the green hang from above and around! Short of floor space? Or just looking for a fun way to display your greenery? Hanging plants and pots are all the rage! At The Plants Project we have a number of suggestions to help you make the most of your hanging and wall dwelling plants!


Different Ways to Hang Plants

The cool thing about hanging plants is you can be super inventive and creative with how you choose to display them. Some homes have structural means of accommodating hanging plants such as rafters or arch’s. Installing hooks from the ceiling or wall is another way to take your hanging plant game to new heights (pun definitely intended). Just make sure to use a stud finder before you pull out the hammer, nails and hooks. Still a bit nervous about hammering things into walls? Try something different like a coat rack or hat stand!


Hanging Pot Baskets + Wall Planters

We have heaps of different options for when it comes to taking care of your hanging plants including Hanging Pots and Wall Planters. From sophisticated Ceramic Hanging Pots  to our statement piece Half Moon Wall Planters, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  


Live Plant Options

Our favourite Live Hanging Plants are all luscious eye catching beauties. Our Boston fern and Silver Falls look incredible with The Sadie Ceramic . Another option is our Hanging Golden Pothos which although is a touch smaller trails beautifully, we recommend a Wall Planter or smaller hanging pot, such as one of our Small Lightweight Hanging pots which comes in White or Black. Still not sure? Get in touch and our expert Plant stylists can recommend something that you’ll love!


Artificial Plant Options

Artificial plants are our specialty and we have endless options when it comes to hanging varieties. Some of our favourites include Artificial Hanging Baker Fern and Artificial Marble Pothos. Take it to the next level with a pre-made hanging basket like our Woven Basket with Pothos Plant. Really want to make a statement? Our made to order Green Chandeliers are jaw droppers!




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