Sadie Hanging Ceramic - White


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Showcase your beautiful arrangement with our gorgeous Sadie Hanging Ceramics. Rough ceramic edges and a beautiful rope look make this super elegant!

Why we love it?

Hanging pots and baskets are all the rage at the moment and we are loving our new Sadie Pot. With a neutral sandy tone and chic concrete finish, this baby is sure to add something special to your space. Suspended with a strong yet sleek rope, Sadie makes macramé look so passé.  

Which live plants work best?

Hanging and trailing plants are best suited to The Sadie Hanging Pot as it gives them the opportunity to wind and climb as they wish. We recommend Monstera Adansonii which will create an urban jungle in your living room. Pothos are healthy and keen climbers which make them a suitable option too!  (Please note there Is no drainage hole) 

Which artificial plants work best? 

Our artificial options are endless at The Plants Project! Some gorgeous options we recommend to pair with Sadie include our Baker Fern, which will form a full and lush arrangement. Eucalyptus is a great native option and like our laurel leaf bushes give off a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe for your space.

Which other pots can you pair it with?

Neutral coloured pots allow for a stunning contrast when paired with your chosen plant. Similar to the Sadie Hanging Pot our Large Grey Concrete or White Ceramic is a contemporary design for a modern space. Add a Monstera or Palm to these pots for a green minimalist aesthetic. 

Where would I put these?

Hanging pots and plants will command attention in corner spaces with natural light and look perfect hung casually over ledges, hooks or rafters you may find or create around the house. Bathrooms are another popular option as they add a fabulous pop of colour to a white canvas. As a bonus, the steam from your shower will keep your hanging plant hydrated! 

Dimensions: 14cmh x 23.5cmd