5 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Greenery


The bedroom—your sanctuary for deep sleep and sweet dreams—should be comfortable, relaxing, and as fuss-free as possible. To realise this potential, a clear and clutter-less space is crucial, and so is a touch of green to infuse your whole room with a profound sense of calm. Go faux and you'll have even less to worry about. Here are five ways to decorate your bedroom with artificial greenery.


Adorn Your Bed Frame

Sleep soundly under a halo of fabulous greenery. Your bed frame is the perfect base for a gorgeous faux arrangement. Simply weave long, wispy tendrils through your frame (try our baby tears or string of pearls plant) or drape it in a lusher piece, like our leaf and berry hanging bush.



Dress Your Dresser

Turn a boring dresser into the perfect platform for your plants. A mix of mini plants and tasteful florals will turn your functional furniture into a key design element. Add a potted white orchid for a touch of elegance or a few of our native floral bunches for a beautiful burst of colour. Pair your plants with some floral wall art to round out the look.



Let It Hang

Babies have their mobiles, why can't we adults have something just as hypnotising? Add hooks to your ceiling, fill small glass terrariums with mini succulents, and let them hang soothingly from above. Or simply hang some foliage sprays or colourful bouquets from any hook or nail in the wall for a quick and dreamy makeover.


Flank Your Bed with Fabulous Fronds

Symmetry is incredibly soothing, and bringing this theory into play in your bedroom can be quite easy. Start by flanking your bed with nightstands, then topping both with a simple arrangement (we love the look of a few small monstera leaves in a sleek ceramic pot). If you want to go bigger, add a pair of artificial palm trees beside those night tables to inspire some tropical dreamin'.


Turn Your Walls Green

If you have the space, consider dedicating a wall to a vertical garden or artificial green wall, and see your bedroom transform into a lush, natural haven. You'll feel like you're slumbering in the great outdoors, all while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home sweet home. 


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