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Disappointed, fake looking and pricey.

Unfortunately I found this to look fake and no different to the cheap ones. The vine and leaves are very plastic looking. So $39 plus $10 shipping was really not worth it.

Cordyline - deep green

The perfect plant for that problem area where live plants haven’t survived.
Looks lush and completes the room. Job done!


Such a cute little plant! Sits beautifully. Was a bit unsure about what pot to put this in as it is just a (longish) stem, however, I have folded the stem over a couple of times and managed to sit it into a short little pot without any issue. I've tried it in several different pots - narrow tops, wide tops, taller, shorter, and it works nicely in any of them. Very versatile and vibrant looking. Highly recommend!

Very lush

I bought this to sit on the edge of my bath, and it's perfect for its purpose. I want to give this 5 stars, but I've struggled getting it to sit nicely. It was packaged quite tightly, and so the leaves arrived bundled up - it's been difficult to get the leaves to sit flat without kinks in them. I've tried smoothing them down, but the creases in the leaves make the plant look artificial. If I could somehow fix this problem, I'd give it 5 stars. So I'm a little bit disappointed. Apart from this complaint, the plant is absolutely beautiful.

A little stunner

This one is my favourite...beautifully shaped right out of its packaging, love the little subtle differences in shade of the leaves. Looks so life-like. Highly recommend. I've styled it in a matt grey pot which makes the colour pop, buy can imagine it looking great in a white pot too. A great little size for a kitchen table or coffee table.

Artificial Euonymus Plant
Letisha Festino
Absolutely Undoubtedly Perfect

This product went beyond my expectations. The price is justifiable to the size and quality of the product. With fine details like colour and size variations, it looks undeniably real (until you stare at it with a magnifying glass). Not only was it packaged with care, the team was efficient, responsive, and friendly.

These are very impressive fakes. I would recommend to others. The leaves are near perfect and look like the real thing. The stalks are the only item with minor imperfections and allow you to tell they are not real. I would definitely buy again


Very stylish - and as per description. Very happy. I’m going to use with real plants. Drain holes would be a welcome addition or even as an option when ordering.

Happy customer

Fantastic plants. Can't spot the difference from the real deal. And great service too.

Artificial plants to perfection

The red gum artificial plants were perfect! They look amazing, and so real. The online service was seamlessl and delivery turnaround was quick. I highly recommend!


Beautiful lightweight pot. Just as pictured.

Artificial Hosta Plant
Ashley Middleton

So beautiful. Exactly as pictured. Great customer service. They helped me match a pot with the artificial Hosta and recommended two which fit perfectly.

Artificial Pothos Plant
Amanda Bambach

I’m very happy with my purchase,
Thank you . 😊🌸

Large Ficus Tree

I absolutely love this tree.
It has brought much needed peacefulness to my area and looks great.
I’m so happy I found this shop.
Many thanks.

Half moon planter

I loved the look but too overpriced for the actual product.

Beautifully Realistic

I'm so very pleased with my purchase.. the leaves are light and realistic with a nice colour. Probably the most realistic palm I've seen in long time. Not a massive least plant, but fills the space nicely

We were looking for a fern that would match our other real plants in our office and these looked great. Cannot tell the difference between them. We purchased the Boston fern 45cm. Delivery was quick and the process to order was easy.

Rainforest pictures

Love my pictures

Giant Artifical Fiddle Tree
Ben Testing

Ben Testing

i love it!

The pop of green this plant provides in my living room makes me happy! I love it

Artificial Yucca Tree
Kathryn Entwistle

This piece is well constructed and highly decorative. Super easy to put together and looks authentic. I bought two to bookend my French doors. Truly magnificent.


The orchid arrived packed well, and didn’t require much ‘floofing’ to get it looking just right. It is a decent size and the colours are beautiful, so it draws the eye well but still sits nicely in the room without taking over. My Mother grows orchids, and while it is still clear this one is artificial to those used to seeing real orchids, it is the most lifelike I have seen and I love it. If you don’t have the eye for that particular ‘juicy-ness’ of real orchid flowers, you would not pick it for artificial in passing view. The colours used and blended are very realistic, the leaves are very realistic to the eye, and the flowers sit just as nicely as real ones on a healthy and happy plant. I thoroughly recommend it.

Lovely greenery

This is a lovely plant. I keep it in my hallway where I have not been able to keep plants alive. I have it with the artificial white orchid in the glass container and they look lovely together. I'm very happy with them.

Very real looking orchid

This orchid has pride of place in my hallway where I could not get any plants to survive. It looks real and can be seen immediately upon entering my unit. I'm thrilled with it. The size is perfect.

Easy and good quality

Delivered quickly, well packed and exactly what I wanted to put on top of a bathroom cupboard.