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So pretty!

Super happy, it is so pretty and exactly the same as the picture. Nicely packed and didnt had to move branches much.

Pothos Better than the real thing!

After many attempts to grow my very established pothos in my kitchen space, I was not having much luck.. it just preferred the bathroom! So back to the bathroom it goes to be replaced with its ‘fake’ twin - which I have to say has never looked better!!
Thankyou so much The Plants Project- no one can tell the difference 😉

Yellow Orchid

I have arranged my faux orchid to look real and natural, after which I have placed it in it’s own individual plant stand the remarks directed towards it from visitors are so positive, at first sight “oh looks gorgeous when did you get that”. Then on closer inspection and touch they say oh is that artificial? It’s beautiful.
I’m very happy with the look it brightens a dark area in the living room that does not get very much light. Perfect fit

Love them.

I’m really happy with my dancing orchids. So realistic. And prompt delivery. 5 stars.

Wow ……. Artificial Kangaroo Paw plant and Cleo Pot

I’m not usually into artificial plants , HOWEVER I live in Queensland and my balcony can usually only tolerate succulents as its so hot for like 5 months of the year ,so thought I’d try the Plants Project and some colour with the Red Kangaroo Paw plant and Cleo pot ( as suggested online ) . I absolutely LOVE the new addition ….. I love it so much I’ve just reordered an Artificial Planter box to hang on the wall opposite . My “artificial” plants can happily co-exist with the real succulents 😂 ( if you can tell them apart ). Many thanks to the Team at The Plants Project ( these fakes are great )🙏

Hare's Foot Fern

My plant looks wonderful the pot I also purchased goes well in the room. By the time I dressed it with stones and moss it was commented that it the fern looked really healthy HA HA
Great quality - will be back again

Superb and completely real looking!

Thank you to The Plants Project for my Artificial Marble Pothos and Artificial Marble Pothos Vines as they are absolutely perfect.

I intend on putting some white rounded pebbles then a clear resin in a clear glass pot that has a macrame hanging sling that goes around the glass pot.

Then this will be hung in my bathroom wit the vine coming across to my oval shower bath shower curtain hanger to soften the steel structure and give the feeling of 'calm' in the bathroom.

Once I've completed it I'll update my review with a photo but I haven't actually completed the project yet but I'm thrilled the Pythos look completely real - exactly what I was hoping for.

Thank you so much, you delivered above my expectations!

Very Happy

Love my Yakka faux plant. Looks so realistic and amazing in my living area.
Very happy customer.

Artificial Green Yucca Stem

Very versatile - adds bulk to floral blends and looks great combined with ferns


Looks very realistic when combined with other plants. Recommended

Lovely looking plant

Beautiful looking plant

Looks very realistic

This wattle is one of my favourites. So bright and cheerful.

So lifelike

These ferns look so lifelike

Really stylish and good quality

Not so keen on this one but personal taste

Artificial Kangaroo Paw
Kangaroo Paw

Looks very real,my cat who loves to smell flowers was playing with it,I took it to work today as a reception display

Love my fuchsia

Thanks, they are a beautifully made plant so realistic. I have bought real ones multiple times but always dies from our QLD heat.
This one will look great for many years.

Very happy

My artificial buxus is fabulous - nobody has guessed they’re not the rea deal because they certainly look it ! Best part is no watering or maintenance or fear of them not surviving on my very hot balcony.
Highly recommend

Exceptional plant

It looks superb in our kitchen, we really like it.

Artificial Green Ball Tree | 2 Trees
Perfect in the office - no watering issues

Small compact and green - an absolute bargain and perfect for leaving and not worry about who can look after them… just a dust we see them looking good all the time…


I have had my eye on this fiddle leaf for ages. I am so happy with it. Looks incredible in my house!!