How to Add Greenery to Your Bathroom


When decorating the home, we often neglect one crucial area—the bathroom. It's a room that serves as a sanctuary of sorts, a place of cleansing, beautifying, and even reflecting. Such an intimate zone shouldn't feel cold and stark, but rather warm and comforting. And all it takes is just a few plants and a little imagination to turn your ordinary bathroom into a spa-like space. Here are five ways to do just that with artificial greenery.

Hang It

A bathroom can quickly transform into a lush hideaway by hanging your greenery high. Attach some hooks to your ceiling—near your mirror or even above the shower—add one of our pre-made hanging baskets or a hanging terrarium and feel like you're purifying yourself amid the great outdoors. Or simply use a towel hook or rack to display a wispy green like our hanging willow plant. This is an especially effective option when floor space is limited.



Drape It

The varied features and fixtures of a bathroom offer an array of surfaces perfect for long, flowing greenery. Drape a string of pearls plant around a shower rod or the handles of a bathtub. Line your mirror or vanity with the slender vines of a rhipsalis plant. Or let the spindly strands of a baby tears plant rest casually atop your porcelain throne.



Shelve It

Help conceal those ugly bathroom necessities—toilet paper, toothbrushes, and cleaning supplies—by arranging them alongside (or behind) a few bushy plants on any shelf or stand. Go even wilder by incorporating shelving into the shower, where you can add bold touches of green alongside your soap and shampoo. Remember artificial greenery can handle limitless water.


Multiply It

Fill up your bathroom with an abundance of tiny plants (we've got some great mini potted plants all ready for you). Line them up along the back of a vanity, around a bathtub, or atop a stool or shelf. These small pops of green will help brighten up the space, a useful designer trick if you find yourself in a small and/or windowless bathroom.

Spotlight It

If you've got a little more space to work with, pick one spectacular plant to make as your bathroom's centerpiece. We recommend a large, leafy calathea plant or maybe a tall, commanding bamboo tree to stand near your sink or tub. We guarantee either's presence will bring an immediate sense of calm to your new favourite room.





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