5 reasons Indoor plants make the perfect gifts



At The Plants Project, we believe in giving the gift of green and there are a number of reasons indoor plants are a great option when it comes to treating the people you love. We’ve compiled our top five reasons to treat that loved one to the gift that keeps on giving AND growing.

1 - They suit everyone, even the person who has everything!

How many times have you found yourself scrambling for a last minute gift idea, thinking of factors like the recipient’s age, gender, interests and hobbies? How many times have you felt like when someone says “You shouldn’t have!” they were right? That re-gifted soap is going under the bathroom sink never to be seen again! And of course there’s the age old dilemma of the gift for the person who has everything. No need to stress yourself out by taking these seemingly endless factors into consideration, Indoor Plants are a one size fits all gift solution! We have heaps of stunning options with pots and planters to match!  


2 - The perfect gift for any occasion

There is an indoor plant for every gifting occasion. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Housewarmings or as means of expressing condolences. A plant is a sincere and thoughtful way of sending a message to your loved ones. A Peace Lily can express sentiments such as “I’m thinking of you” during a hard time. Whereas a Rubber Plant is a great housewarming gift to jazz up your mate’s new apartment. You can also add a message and pot to go with your indoor plant gift delivery, we even provide complimentary gift wrapping adding an extra special touch.

 3 - They have a number of therapeutic qualities

It’s science! The research has been done and studies show plants whilst simply being a pleasure to look at have a number of health benefits. It’s incredible the positive effects tending to and caring for indoor plants can have on the human mind, including stress and anxiety relief! Indoor plants also provide a great sense of purpose as they do require a little bit of TLC, almost like a pet but without the muddy paw prints on the couch. Give the gift of healing ✨  

 4 - The low maintenance gift that keeps on growing!

Indoor plants are the low maintenance gift that keeps on giving. Most plants are pretty easy to look after and with the right amount of water and light they’ll produce beautiful new growth, like art that has come to life! So every time that Monstera you’ve given your loved one unfurls a new leave, they’ll think of you. Every plant gift delivery includes easy to follow care instructions as a bonus!  


5 - Kind to your wallet 

No need to worry about breaking the bank and spending a fortune on a gift. Indoor Plants are an inexpensive option that will pay for themselves over the years. Unlike flowers they won’t soon wither, Indoor plants can last for years with the right care!


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