Michaels Artificial Plants

Artificial plants have been around for years and are a favorite decoration item for homes, offices, and events. Due to their hassle-free maintenance, many people choose them over their natural counterparts.

This is the reason why they have become one of the most popular items in stores recently. Almost every store is selling these faux plants and a perfect example of this is Michaels.

Michaels is a well-known store in America. It is considered to be the largest retails store in the country that sells various items, for example, artificial plants.

Some Of The Faux Plants Available

              Michaels is known for having a large collection of faux plants. They come in different types like bushes, wreaths and garlands, and flowers which can be used for indoors or outdoors. Some examples of the popular artificial plants in the store are:

  • Artificial succulent arrangement in gold ceramic pot

This plastic plant features a succulent that has striking colors such as orange, pink, and green which will surely add richness and class to any room or space. It also comes with a ceramic gold pot with a hammered design to add more elegance. It is made of plastic and is 8.5 inches tall.  

  • Potted two-tone artificial pine ball topiary

This artificial topiary will surely catch anyone’s attention due to its lush and vibrant two-toned leaves. It has a total of 609 small leaves and comes with a cemented brown pot to make it look realistic. It is recommended for indoor use but can also be placed outside with a cover. It is 18 inches in height and is made of plastic.

  • Square potted frosted blueberry & pine artificial arrangement

This wonderful décor features a beautiful arrangement of berries, mixed foliage, and pine cones. It is also light frosted to add to its design. It comes with a square pot decorated with blue denim and is recommended for indoor use only. It has a height of 13 inches and is made of plastic, glitter, and foam.   

  • Potted artificial green & brown bird nest fern

Add a tropical feel to your space with this artificial bird nest fern. It has vibrant colors such as green and brown which makes it look realistic. It also comes with a green pot decorated with artificial moss on the side. It is made of plastic and has a height of 22 inches.

This faux Japanese bonsai tree features well-trimmed leaves and stunning stone pot. It surely will not only add a piece of class and culture to the room but also relax and calm the mind. It is made of plastic material and is 21 inches tall in height.

  • Potted Artificial Brown & Green Olive Tree

Add a piece of nature to your space by having this realistic looking brown and green olive tree. It has lush and vibrant green leaves with a brown tip and olives to make it look realistic in appearance. It also comes with a black pot and is made of plastic materials.

If you were inspired by some of these artificial plants you can check out our own selection which we consider to be one of the widest in Australia.