How to Take Care of Fake Plants?

Fake plants have become a huge trend in home and office decorating projects. They are not just cheap, but they are also as elegant looking as the real thing. More importantly, taking care of them is a less daunting task.

One of the things you will love about artificial plants is they do not require that much effort, money or time to maintain. Taking care of plastic plants is easy, in fact, way easier than taking care of the real ones. Admit it—plants are not that easy to deal with. When not given proper and regular TLC, they can die easily. Besides water and sunlight, there is more than they actually need.

With faux plants, a little dusting can go a long way for as far as keeping their new appearance is concerned. Here are some steps on how to clean and take care of them.

Cleaning Fake Plants

Many homeowners are beginning to discover the advantages of fake plants over the real ones. This is true especially when they want to bring the plants indoors. Unlike real plants, fake varieties do not require to be watered or to be taken outside to get some sunlight. The only problem with fake plants is that they can get dirty and can collect dust.

But getting them cleaned is straightforward, for as long as you have all the necessary tools and materials to get the job done. Fake plants need to be cleaned on a regular basis otherwise they can get damaged easily or their color tends to fade. Make sure you have all these cleaning materials available:

  • Cleaning rags or cloth
  • Feather duster
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Hot water
  • Window cleaner

The first thing to do is dust your plants. Start the process of cleaning your fake flowers by getting rid of dirt, dust, and debris. You can accomplish this by running the plants with a feather duster. You may also use a vacuum to suck up the dirt. A wet rag or a microfiber cloth can be used to wipe down the parts of the plants, including the pot. Once dusted, you can air dry the fake plant. You may also use a clean or dry cloth to remove the water.

cleaning artificial plants is an easy taskIf you have silk plants at home, you can also take care of them through frequent dusting. Grime is a common sight for artificial plants, especially when they are placed outside of the house, exposed to various elements. You can remove the grime using a microfiber cloth. Besides dusting the plants, it is also important that you disinfect them. A window cleaner that is mixed with Ammonia D can be sprayed throughout the plant. You can leave the plant outdoors afterward to make the cleaning product more effective and to restore the vibrant appearance of your fake plants.

It is important to remember that fake plants should be cleaned regularly. It can be done on a weekly basis. A quick dust can help keep your plants free from dirt and looking clean and new all the time. Most of the cleaning materials that the process requires are found at home and so there is no reason you cannot do it.