How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside?

Perhaps the only downside that outdoor artificial plants have is they tend to fade when left exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time. But when you are looking to decorate your outdoor or indoor space with plants in a no-fuss and care-free manner, artificial plants are a smart choice.

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While there are high-quality artificial plants that are coated with UV protection to keep it looking like new and real, over time, the changes in their color and appearance are inevitable. But there are ways you can do to delay the fading of the artificial plant’s color.

Artificial plants are made from different materials such as plastic, silk and poly blends among others. When placed under the sun, their colors may fade. Also, even when placed indoors, they tend to collect dust which may also affect their color and appearance. You can limit the fading and damage of your artificial plants by following these easy steps.

Saving your Artificial Plants from Fading

If you have had these artificial plants for so long, you would immediately notice an alteration in their appearance. You don’t want to wait until all the colors fade, otherwise you won’t be able to save them and a replacement may become necessary. To keep your artificial plants looking vibrant, make sure to do these steps occasionally.

  • Use feather duster to dust the artificial plants. Removing the dust is easy and a feather duster can help you get it done easily. When dealing with hard to reach areas, you may also opt for a hair dryer or compressed air can.


  • Moisten the rag using water mixed with dish soap. This can effectively eliminate dust and dirt on the stems, flowers and the sides of the foliage. With a clean rag, rinse the soap off and allow it to air dry.


  • Spread newspaper outdoors or anywhere in your home where there is enough ventilation and lay the plants and start applying UV resistant spray. Make sure all of its parts are sprayed on. You may also place the plants in vases and apply the spray.


  • When using a UV resistant spray, it is important to ensure that it is appropriate to the material of your artificial plant. Don’t skip on reading the label to see if it is suitable to your specific plant material. Make it a point to spray evenly.


  • Leave the artificial plants to air dry. It will usually take about five hours to get it dried completely.

If simple dusting won’t eliminate the dirt build-up on the flowers, cleaning sprays can be helpful alternatives. But before trying out any product out there, always test it in the less noticeable parts of the plant before applying it to the rest of its parts.

Other Ways to Protect your Outdoor Artificial Plants from Fading

The proper placement of the artificial plant has something to do with the longevity of its colors. Make sure to plan where you want to place the plants. Outdoor artificial plants have more lasting ability compared to the indoor variety but that does not mean that won’t fade in time. They are designed to withstand the test of changing weather conditions and other outdoor elements but they need to be protected as well, if you are looking to display it for a long period of time.

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If you intend to put the plants outside, consider not only the aesthetics but also the protection that they will get. You can put the plants somewhere they can be shielded and shaded against any type of climate.

But when you need a long-term and more intensive protection scheme for your plants, you should consider getting and using fabric protection spray which is ideal to add a layer of resilience to the materials used normally in making artificial flowers.

When using a spray, first you have to dust off the debris gently on the plant using a damp cloth or duster spray. Hold the plant on its lowest part and start spraying, ensuring that all of the parts are well-coated. Once done, you can place the plant in their pots or vase and allow the coat to get absorbed by the plant. Within 24 hours, the plants are ready for display outside.