Fake Plant Maintenance

One of the main reasons why many people prefer artificial plants over the real ones is that the former does not demand grueling upkeep.

Real plants may be exquisite, but the maintenance task associated with it can be too much for many homeowners or business owners who hardly have the time and lack the knowledge in ensuring the plants grow healthy and strong throughout its lifetime.

fake plants on a corridor

Artificial plants are almost maintenance-free and may only require occasional dusting to maintain its natural appearance. You don’t need a lot of tools to get the maintenance job done.

A little dusting and wiping can go a long way. Because most artificial plants are made from synthetic fabric, they can be rinsed with warm water and left to dry.

If you want to extend the life of your fake plants, you can keep them in an area protected against all the weather elements, especially the UV rays of the sun, such as indoors. Although synthetic fabric may be less prone to damage brought about by such element compared to natural fabrics like silk and cotton, the colors may still fade eventually, when they are continuously exposed to sunlight.

Here are some detailed means to help you care for your artificial plants properly, so they can retain their natural-looking attributes.

Easy Ways to Clean and Maintain your Artificial Plants

Using artificial plants at home or in commercial spaces as decorative elements has become immensely popular these days. They favor it over the real ones as they do not wither nor fade. When it comes to maintenance, they won’t give people a hard time, eliminating the constant tasks of watering, fertilizing, cultivating and pruning.

But over time, artificial plants will collect some dust, grease, and cobwebs especially when they are placed outside near roads. The leaves could be covered in dust, which could be harmful if they are breathed by people who have allergies and asthma. To prevent this from happening, it is important to know the simple ways to clean and maintain your artificial plants such as the following:

  • Dust and clean the fake plants using a dry paintbrush. Take the plants outside so you can clearly see the dust gathered on the leaves and on its other parts. Wipe it with care using a dry paintbrush.
  • Soft cloth and water can do the trick. Wet the cloth and rub it gently on the leaves or flowers and let it dry under the sun in minutes. This also works for bigger or taller artificial plants.
  • Salt and a paper bag work for smaller artificial plants and flowers. Cleaning artificial flowers can be a bit fiddly, but by putting it inside the paper bag with a cup of salt, all the dust in its parts will come off and in just a few minutes, you will have great-looking plants and flowers again.
  • Get some help from surface cleaners. If the dirt or dust on the artificial plants can be removed by simple dusting or wiping, disinfectants and surface cleaners can be an excellent alternative. Not only do they help in removing the dirt, but they can also make your plants looking shiny once more.

The lasting beauty that artificial plants can provide your space makes them worthy of some serious and meticulous cleaning. Although it does not have to happen every day, whenever it is the time of the month to get them cleaned, make sure you know how to get it done correctly.

Like all the other decorative items you keep inside your home, artificial plants will attract dirt and dust that could build-up and affect how they appear or even cut their lifespan short.

Good thing, caring for artificial plants are cost-effective and time-saving compared to the real ones. When regularly maintained, you can count on it in keeping your space looking lovely with their presence.