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Welcome to The Plants Project!

Lacking that elusive green thumb? We've come up with a simple solution: Welcome to The Plants Project, the premier online supplier of artificial flowers in Australia. Our wide selection of artificial plants and realistic plastic flowers will add plenty of pop to your place without the worry, the wilting, or the water.

Outdoor plants

large artificial plant outside in a vase

Our realistic trees and tall artificial plants can take your exterior to any desired corner of the world. Expand on your natural Australian environs or transport your patio or garden to the heart of the Mediterranean (an olive tree, perhaps?), the thick of the tropics (with this stunning palm), or the deep of the desert (cacti, anyone?). Wherever you'd like your house to land, we can guarantee no pests will follow.  

Indoor plants

Bringing the outdoors in has never been easier with our large array of artificial indoor plants. Adorn your walls and color your corners with vibrant touches of green that can serve as fabulous centerpieces or striking accents. Our online selection offers big and bold plants like the Cordyline, alongside soft and simple foliage like the native Australian Wattle Stems that look and feel like the real thing. This means, they'll always stay lush and luxe, even when you're not there to admire them.

Flowers in vase

beautiful plastic roses on table

Our beautiful floral combinations are guaranteed to brighten your day. Carefully crafted floral bunches can add just the right touch of style to any surface. Our collection of realistic artificial flowers ranges from subtle and refined to bright and beautiful. These red roses may invite romance to your room, while this white orchid can up the elegance to any common area. And we've got plenty more fake flowers to fool even the most fastidious florist.  

Potted plants

Potted plastic plants come in a variety of sizes and offer a wide range of decoration options. From larger Croton, Bird of Paradise or Monstera plants to medium sized Cycas, Maidenhair or Yucca and smaller Angel Vine, Agave or Baby Tears you have the highest quality artificial plants Australia wide at your fingertips. You can also pick from our chic collection of pots and planters to pair with the plant of your choosing.

Hanging plants

plant in a pot hangs on a corridor wall

Release that inner interior designer with our artificial hanging plants to bring whimsy to your walls or sophistication to any staircase. In fact, you can do just about anything with lifelike plants like the flowy String of Pearls or the wispy Leaf & Berry Hanging Bush. We can also give you a little creative hand with our two-in-one Pre-Made Hanging Baskets.