Artificial Flowers at Spotlight

Artificial flowers have always been a popular choice for decoration in almost any establishments. It is very convenient as it needs low maintenance and cheap price.  It can also be easily purchased at any local stores, online shops, or home depot shops.

Naturally, if you are looking to buy artificial flowers online in Australia, we think our selection is hard to beat, but we are not alone. One example of another shop that sells artificial flowers and plants is Spotlight. It is a well-known home depot shop in Australia and is well known for selling a wide variety of artificial flowers.  


Spotlight’s Faux Plants


The Spotlight is a popular home depot shop in Australia. It sells various products and even has an online store to make shopping easier and convenient. It is also known for selling beautiful artificial plants that come in a wide variety such as birds of paradise flowers, gerberas, roses, vines, etc. Here are some examples of artificial flowers and plants that are sold at Spotlight:

  • Ombre Home Distorted Blooms Magnolia Green
fake magnolia flower

This beautiful faux Magnolia will bring a classic elegance into any space or corners of the room. It features a vibrant fully bloomed distorted faux magnolia with green leaves. It can be placed on desktops, shelves, table tops, etc. It has a dimension size of 45cm and can be bought on in stores and its online shop.

  • Ombre Home Distorted Blooms Faux Cacti Green

This vibrant green cactus plant features a realistic looking faux cactus that comes in a white pot. It can be placed in hallways or dull corners to make it vibrant and beautiful. It has a dimension size of 8 x 26.5 cm and can be purchased on the store and its online site.

  • Laguna Curly Fern Kokedama

The Laguna Curly Fern Kokedama is a beautiful potted faux fern plant which is perfect for indoor decorations. It is hanged on ceiling and walls to create a natural green feel into space or room. It is made of paper and polypropylene material. It can be purchased both in its walk-in store and online shop.

  • Peony Bundle
artificial peony bundle

This beautiful romantic artificial peony flower bundle is perfect to create an elegant wedding bouquet or be put in a vase for a cute romantic decoration. It features five fully bloomed pink and white peonies. Its petals are realistic as it is soft to touch. It has a total diameter of 30 cm. It can only be purchased and ordered in its online shop.

  • Vertical Garden Coleus & Fern Green

The Vertical Garden Coleus & Fern Green is a perfect addition to any garden walls. It can also be cut from its squares and to create another beautiful natural and lush decoration. It features red and green leaves with lush ferns. It is made of plastic material. It can be purchased both in its walk-in store and online shop. 

  • Rose Stand Bouquet

The Rose Stand Bouquet features 10 roses in a variety of sizes. From rosebuds to full bloomed ones. It is perfect for wedding bouquets or decoration to create a romantic feel. It has many selections of colors such as red, yellow, pink, white, and orange.  It can only be purchased and ordered from its online site.