Artificial Hanging Plants

Let it all hang out with our Artificial Hanging Plants! We have the best indoor hanging plants in Australia with our high quality artificial range. From faux hanging plants like our Artificial Pothos and fake vines will dazzle from above. 

Artificial hanging plants offer an excellent alternative to real plants. Our products are all about creating a tranquil environment with plenty of greenery, but without the maintenance that comes with natural plants. Our collection of fake hanging plants has plenty to offer every would-be decorator, with a range of species, colours, shapes, and sizes available. 

All of our artificial plants are incredibly lifelike, providing a perfect alternative to the real thing. That means all the beauty of a Pothos or Ivy Vine without the mess and maintenance that comes with real plants. We offer a very wide range of species of artificial hanging plants, including Leaf & Berry Hanging Bush, Pothos Vine, Zebra hanging plant, and Boston Ferns.

Versatile Decor for Any Space

Fake hanging plants are a wonderful addition to any room in your home. They’re also fantastic decorative pieces for an office or other business premises. They are incredibly easy to mount on a wall or a hook and brighten up any space. A fake hanging plant will even look excellent sitting on a table or a desk, in a small Ceramic Pot, or in a Bruno Pot. A fine mist of water from a spray bottle will enhance your artificial plants, bringing them to life.

There’s also the option of building your own hanging garden with a range of hanging artificial plants. If you have space on your wall and sufficient hooks, a collection of hanging faux plants can look exceptional. Other options include sturdy lines of rope in the right spot or a long hanging rod. Hanging your plants in a line can be the cherry on top of your existing aesthetic at home or work.

Minimal Care for Lifelong Beauty

Although your new green friend is a faux hanging plant, it still requires some minimal care. But it’s easy to incorporate this into your regular cleaning routine! Dust can collect on the leaves and stems of your plant, so dusting is necessary. Simply use a damp cloth or a spray bottle and wipe to remove this dust easily.

This collection is exclusively for indoor use. If you’re looking for some greenery for your balcony or backyard, take a look at our collection of outdoor fake plants here.