Using Wall Planters to Green Up Your Indoors


Using Wall Planters to Bring Some Greenery To Your Indoors

Wall Planters are a unique and eye-catching way of having your favourite indoor plants live, or artificial inside. Our wall planters are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to make a statement. Perfect for houses, apartments or offices with little floor space. Or for adding some colour to bare walls, there’s no space they can’t improve! Our talented florists can also add artificial foliage and plants to create a fabulous eye catching custom design!



Types of Indoor Wall Planters

The Plants Project offers a diverse range of Indoor Wall Planters to suit a variety of tastes and styles. One of our most popular options being our Full and Half-moon range. For those who’d prefer a more rustic and relaxed vibe our Cane and Wooden half-moon varieties will help this vision come to life.  A contemporary and modern alternative are our all black full and half-moon varieties as well as the perforated version. Looking for something a bit smaller? We’ve got you covered! Our scoop ceramic Wall Planters are the perfect vessel for trailing plants and available in a range of colours; including White, Black, Dusty Pink & Olive Green.


The great thing about wall planters is they can suit a variety of rooms and spaces. Our Half and Full Moon planters are not limited in where they can go, but are well suited to living and dining areas. They also look fabulous in covered outdoor spaces. The Ceramic Wall Planter is a smaller and equally as versatile option and due to their size are perfect for narrower wall spaces such as in bathrooms or kitchens.


How To Hang A Wall Planter Indoors

Due to being relatively light weight, mounting our Full and Half-moon planters is as simple as hammering a nail into the wall. Our smaller ceramic wall planters can be mounted the same way. Although our Wall Planters are light-weight we do not recommend using 3M type hooks as they may not be strong enough to hold our planters.




We Recommend

Trailing, hanging and climbing plants are wonderful for Wall Planters as the Planter gives them something to grow and climb along or trail down. With artificial plants you can bend and move them to your liking. The great thing about this is there are SO many options.  Some we recommend include;   Artificial Hanging Baker Fern, Artificial Hoya Plant or Artificial Peperomia bush.


Our full range of artificial plants can be found here 


Filling Your Planter

In order to secure your plant in its new planter, we recommend coconut fiber as it is dense and plants can be easily held in place. Including other plants is another great way of adding volume to your planter. 


Alternatives To A Wall Planter

We understand there may be limitations to some customers in terms of mounting wall planters. Luckily we have a huge range of other options to ensure a green indoor paradise. Whether you prefer a live plant to nurture or an artificial one that requires no attention and will still fool guests and visitors – our range will not disappoint. From indoor trees, plants, foliage, floral’s and even handmade hanging baskets, at The Plants Project the hardest thing to do is make a decision.


To enjoy greenery inside and out, you certainly don’t require huge amounts of space to accommodate your new plants. Like a work of art, our wall planters will shake up your living area adding a unique splash of green to bare walls. All without compromising precious floor space.


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