Plant Care Guide - Spring


Plant Care Guide: Spring

We love spring in Australia and so do our plants. It’s the start of the growing season and your plants will come alive, especially if they’ve had to endure a long cold winter. This is the ideal time to up your plant care game! We’ve compiled a couple of handy tips below:

Introduce More Water

The best time to water is early morning or early evening, when temperatures are cooler and water is less likely to evaporate.

To avoid overwatering, make sure to increase water frequency gradually. Check your plant regularly during this time of adjustment. If you notice wilt or leaf curl, water more frequently. If soil stays wet for two days or more, water less. 

Pull Back On Sunlight

In the winter, your houseplants were probably as close to available light as possible. Now that the sun is stronger and days are longer, you may need to consider pulling them back or incorporating a sheer curtain to diffuse the rays. Plants that aren't suited for direct sun should only receive indirect light to avoid leaf scorch. Rotate plants weekly if they begin stretching toward the light source.


It’s called spring cleaning for a reason!! Pruning wilted foliage is great for your plant in spring and can eliminate hosts for disease. If foliage looks okay, don’t prune just yet, as your plant might still be absorbing nutrients from it and will drop it naturally on its own time. Clean off dropped leaves that have collected on top of the soil and you’ll be pest-free.

A Time to Repot

Spring is the best time to repot your houseplants. Plants typically need to be repotted every 12 – 18 months. If you do it every other spring, it’s easier to remember. Repotting does not necessarily mean putting the plant in a new planter, but rather changing its soil or potting mix. Fresh soil provides the plant with fresh nutrients.

We hope these tips help!!

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