How to Turn Your Home Into a Tropical Paradise


Maybe it's cold and overcast, or perhaps you're just stuck in a concrete jungle. Either way, a trip to the tropics is always a good idea—just maybe not the most practical one. So, we have your next best solution. Here are 10 easy ways to quickly turn your home into a tropical paradise.

1. Gather Your Greenery

The first thing we envision when daydreaming of equatorial bliss is lush, abundant greenery. Fill up your space with large, leafy artificial plants, like our Bird of Paradise or Kentia Palm Tree, and you're already halfway to paradise.



2. Go Bright and Bold

Island decor is distinctly bold and bright, so don't shy away from brilliant blues, lemony yellows, and hot pinks. Also think about incorporating an item or two, like a blanket or rug, that spins those colours into vivid patterns of palms, pineapples, or perfectly symmetrical shapes.




3. Let in the Light

The best contrast to those bold and bright tones is an all-neutral canvas. Let your windows take centre stage for maximum sun, and lighten up the room further with white walls, soft woods, natural wicker, and a hanging woven basket or two.


4. Festoon with Flowers

No tropical paradise is without a striking cluster of vibrant blooms. Of course, taking care of such spectacular flowers can be especially tricky in a different climate, so going artificial is your best bet. Try adding a pop of island elegance with our white orchids.



5. Spotlight Your Souvenirs

Remember that dream beach vacation you once had? Gather up a few souvenirs from your past tropical travels—maybe a lei, a postcard, or perhaps a cute monkey figurine?!—to bring that past paradise straight to your present pad.


6. Bring in the Beach

While you may not be able to sink your toes into it, a simple glass vase or jar filled with sand can help bring a little plot of beach to your home. Adding touches of water—via a small fountain or floating flower display—will round out that beachy feel.


7. Showcase Your Snapshots

Fancy yourself a photog? Sift through your vacation pics to find the most breathtaking landscape shots. Most photo shops will print out your best captures on canvas or glossy paper. Simply frame and hang to give your paradise its own personal touch.


8. Soothe with Scents

Once you've got the look down, you'll need to capture that distinctive tropical smell. Try essential oils—scents of citrus, eucalyptus, or even coconut work well—for a subtle, satisfying aroma that's as refreshing and reinvigorating as a day in the sunshine.



9. Cozy Up by Candlelight

Island life means living by the sun. Once nighttime rolls around, save that electricity and line your room with an array of colourful candles—floating ones can add an even more exotic touch. 


10. Don't Forget the Coconut

A coconut is not only a delicious source of sustenance but one great, versatile décor piece. After drinking its juice and enjoying its meat, use that shell as a bowl, pot, or other ingenious item to keep the tropical vibes alive.




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