How to decorate with real and artificial greenery


While we love the ease and flexibility of our artificial plants, we also appreciate the sight, smell, and air purifying magic provided by the real things. Mixing together faux and live greenery will instantly give your home a lusher, livelier feel—and in our minds, the more green the better. Here are 5 ways to incorporate real and artificial plants to bring out the beauty in both.



In a Vertical Garden or Green Wall


There's nothing quite as vibrant as a vertical garden in the home, but we know that filling one up with all real plants requires an awful lot of work and water. Instead, you can flesh out your green wall with an array of artificial pieces, from foliage sprays to spiky succulents and agave. We also love the idea of a vertical garden in the kitchen that blends fresh growing herbs with bold touches of artificial greenery.


With a Striking Centerpiece


It's mighty tough to create a rich and robust centerpiece of live flowers and ferns without seeing it all wilt before your guests even ring the doorbell. To combat this frustration, fill a large bowl or pot with real plants that are mostly fuss-free, like peace lilies, succulents, or aloe plants. Next, fill in any extra space with colorful faux flowers and bunches of fabulous flow-y fake greenery that can neatly spill out from your dense display. This kind of centerpiece will not only last, it'll constantly be a conversation starter.



To Blend Indoor & Outdoor Living Spaces


One of the best ways to open up your home is to merge together your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have a deck, patio, or balcony, you can do this by arranging both real and artificial plants in a way that blends your interior décor with your exterior landscaping. Line fake plants and tall trees along windows and doors from the inside, while working your green thumb with real plants and flowers on the outside. This will give the transition from indoor to outdoor a smooth and natural flow.



In a Seasonal Greenery Arrangement


To always have a fresh look in your home, it's good to have some artificial plants on hand to reflect every season. Go tropical for warm months with grand palms and monstera leaves, which go beautifully with bright, fresh summer flowers. During cooler days, swap them out with more understated varieties, like our artificial maple leaves or red gum leaves, which elegantly complement hardy winter plants like pansies and daffodils.




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