Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Faux Greenery


Whether you're a top chef hopeful or microwave maestro, the kitchen is likely one of your most used rooms. This means decorating it in a way that's both fun and functional can be tricky. Since counter space is invaluable—and anywhere around the stovetop is an absolute no-no—adding greenery to your kitchen requires a little craftiness. But even just a few sprigs, sprays, or succulents will help spruce up this sacred culinary corner of your castle. Here are some fun ways to add greenery to your kitchen put together by The Plants Project Team


Add Colour to Your Cookbooks and Cabinets

Of course, any extra room on a shelf is typically begging for some greenery, and for those with a cookbook collection, think about using two small-to-medium-sized plants as your sturdy bookends. And when space is extra limited, the best place to add a plant or two is right on top of your cabinets—this will not only add height to the room but some colour and charm. Just remember to keep those faux plants dusted every once in a while!



Get Playful with Your Pots

We can guarantee you already have these pots sitting in your kitchen. Just sanitise and set aside any old soup cans, wine bottles, glass jars, or coffee and tea tins to serve as playful pots for your various artificial plants. You can use coffee grounds to act as your dirt or fill a large jug with a collection of corks for a whimsical wine-inspired base. To add a touch of elegance to your kitchen table, submerge thin, wispy greenery in water with a sleek glass bottle or jar as your holder.



Take it to the Bar

Bar carts and trolley carts can make excellent additions to any kitchen. They usually offer a good amount of storage and extra counter space. They also provide plenty of little nooks for stuffing some sprigs of faux greenery or placing a few potted plants. The best part is they're mobile. This means you can create an awesome spread of food and drinks—already elegantly decorated with succulents, cacti, or beautiful blooms—and roll it on out to any area devoted for entertaining guests.



Work with the Wall

If the tops of your cabinets, counters, and carts are already full, there are still two other spots you can add some pops of green—the wall and ceiling. For the wall, check out our Green Circles display, or think about putting together a vertical garden. There are myriad ways to set one up using different frames and fabrics, and artificial greenery will allow you the most freedom and flexibility with your design (i.e. no fancy watering system necessary!). For an easy ceiling accessory, check out one of our premade hanging baskets.


Don't Forget the Fridge!

When all else fails, the fridge can be your perfect blank canvas. You can simply place a bushy beauty, like our pothos or euonymus plant, right on top, but we love the idea of creating your own magnet vases to house mini artificial plants that stick right to your fridge.



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