5 Ways to Add Greenery to Your Home


Even in the comfort of our own homes, we can't help but crave a little green. It's a color that represents nature, peace, and balance, after all. But while fresh, flourishing greenery can be a calming and reassuring presence, growing and caring for it can be downright frustrating. Fortunately, you can attain an enviable sense of tranquility and balance in your home with artificial greenery. Here are five ways to do just that.


1. Take It to the Floor

The easiest, most striking way to add some necessary pop to any room is with a floor plant. When choosing one, first take into consideration the size and scale of the plant in regards to the room and its furnishings. Shorter plants that sit low to the ground are best for small apartments, while tall and dominant greenery like our Bird of Paradise Plant is ideal for open lofts or grand spaces.

2. Go Off the Wall

Those with limited floor space may want to direct their gaze a little higher. Greenery can make for a vivid piece of artwork on its own—try grouping together a few different plants to form a collage. Or wrap long, flowy plants like our String of Pearls around a frame or mirror or alongside a funky wall hanging or minimalist display.

3. Aim for the Sky

Go even higher by placing your greenery on the pedestal it deserves. Position small and bold selections like our Agave Plant on high shelving or large cabinets to help create an illusion that your room is bigger and taller. Bonus: With artificial greenery, there is no need to climb up a precarious ladder with a watering can.

4. Let It All Hang Out

For a more natural display, take sprawling beauties like the Angel Vine Plant and simply drape it over shelving, wall displays, or even your headboard. Or try a hanging basket to fully let your lush green loose.

5. Colour Your Corners

Corners are often woefully neglected in home design, which means they're ideal spots for a touch of brilliant green. Let a tall plant like our Small Fiddle Tree command the corner from the ground up or get creative by adding eye-catching succulents to corner shelves or bookcases.


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