5 Trendy Pots to Match Your Greenery

Once you've found the perfect plant for your place, the next (and maybe hardest step!) is figuring out its ideal home. The beauty of artificial greenery is that it allows you freedom to experiment with an array of playful planters that will quickly transform a room from tired to trendy. Here are some of our favorite on-trend pots to display your greenery with effortless flair.

 Hanging Ceramic Bowls

Our round ceramic bowls—available in white and black—come affixed with braided rope, offering a natural look that turns whimsical once hung. Subtle in tone and style, these pots can handle even the wildest bunches of green (we like filling ours with a pothos plant), while maintaining an overall sophisticated feel.

 Screen-Printed Porcelain Vases

Screen-printing can turn any old porcelain vase into a unique piece of artwork on its own. Designs can range from understated to ostentatious, and either can work as long as you keep a sense of balance. A minimal design could do well with some bold, bright florals, while a busy print may go best with soft and fine greenery.

Concrete Cubes

These industrial-inspired vessels take urban minimalism to the garden. Their angular shape and neutral color is just begging for some vivid bunches of plants to hold. Use them for bushy varieties, like our maidenhair fern, to make for a striking combination of cold, firm lines with warm, delicate beauty.

 Woven Hanging Baskets

Woven baskets are a forever classic, bringing rich, earthen tones to any manmade space. We like to stuff ours with the spiky leaves of a spider plant or frilly fronds of a Boston fern. Hang enough of these baskets around and you may just turn your living room into a verdant forest. 

Saucer-Style Bowls

Large saucer-style bowls serve as sleek, chic containers for any collection of plants.

The wide mouth allows for a wide array of greenery to mingle amongst one another—try a mish-mash of small succulents, shrubs, and sinewy stems. We recommend opting for a rich, charcoal colour to complement all that lushness.

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