So, you want to add some pop and pizzazz to your pad, but don't know where to start? Getting some greenery is a great first start, and going artificial allows for some creativity and versatility in the decorating department. Of course, you can easily place a potted plant on a shelf or a tall tree in the corner, but where's the fun in that? Here are five interesting ways to add greenery to your space with items you likely already have on hand.

1. Swap Liquor for Leaves with a Greened Up Bar Cart

Bar carts are both functional and fashionable and have the capacity to store way more than your cocktail supplies. Transform any cart on wheels into a verdant mobile garden, and move it about from corner to corner or room to room anytime your space starts feeling stale. Don't have a cart? Try placing a vintage suitcase atop a TV tray or small stand and stuff it with lush greenery for a cool, effortless makeshift carrier.


2. Turn Your Fronds Into Frames

Long, lush plants like our Angel Vine or Leaf & Berry Hanging Bush are supple and subtle enough to serve as stunning frames for pictures, canvases, or mirrors. This works best with simple, solid-colored artwork as to keep the whole arrangement from getting too busy. You can also reverse this idea by framing fronds, ferns, or flowers themselves as a natural, minimalist piece of art.



3. Gather Your Greens Atop a Ladder

Whether you have a warm, vintage wooden ladder or a cool, modern metal one, either can work as a stunning display piece for your greenery. Stack a potted succulent, agave plant, or foliage spray on each step for a streamlined effect that will draw the eye upward, creating a greater sense of height and overall space.



4. Transform Recycled Pieces into Fabulous Pots

You probably already have an array of potential fun and funky pots already sitting in your kitchen. Salvage and sanitize any discarded soup cans, freshly emptied wine bottles, and used glass jars to function as holders for your various artificial plants. You can also submerge thin, fine greenery in water using large glass jars or bottles for a chic centerpiece.



5. Accentuate Your Everyday Items

Most days your eyes will pass right by your most practical items, but take another look around your space from a keen decorator's perspective. Try hanging a Baby Tears plant from a simple wall coat hanger. Drape some String of Pearls around a bed frame. Or simply add a bright White Orchid to the corner of your desk for some elegant inspiration.




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