10 Super Easy House Plants


 10 Super Easy House Plants

In our increasingly busy lives, Indoor plants continue to be a popular source of joy and a calming presence within our homes and workplaces. They also make wonderful gifts. Air-purifying, and beautiful to look at, it’s important that our newly found green friends don’t contribute to the annoying background noise in our heads that everyday life brings. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our 10 easiest to care for Live Plants, giving you one less thing to worry about. With a little bit of assistance every now and then, these babies will essentially look after themselves. 

Quick Note: Check out this collection of artificial plants and trees.



One of the most popular indoor plants today, the faithful Monstera won’t let you down. These guys love to grow and watching a new leaf unfurl is one of any plant enthusiast’s greatest pleasures. Requiring even light distribution (not too light, not too dark) and watering once a week, when the soil is dry, these plants are resilient and ideal for plant novices.


Rubber Plant

The exciting thing about The Rubber Plant is there are a number of different varieties to choose from with varying colours and variegation. From green to burgundy, to ruby red or variegations of pink, green and cream. The hardest thing about The Rubber Plant is choosing which colour you like. Rubbers are another easy option requiring moderate light levels and watering when the soil is dry.



Succulents are some of the sturdiest plants and Cacti are almost impossible to kill. Keep them in a spot with a bit of light and forget about them (they love to be ignored), except for once a fortnight when they will require a bit of water.


Kentia Palm

The versatility of Kentia Palms are their strong suit, whether you’re after a Tropical or Retro vibe, they’ll take care of it. All these guys require is a decent amount of indirect filtered light, and a weekly watering.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

These figs are becoming increasingly popular due to their big leaves and ability to grow metres, perfect for corner spaces. It’s quite thrilling to see their growth. All they need is to be in a well-lit position and a water when the topsoil has dried out. Giving your fig a gentle shake stimulates wind and therefore growth, give it a try!



Umbrella Plant

Much like a miniature tree. The Umbrella Plant fits in perfectly in minimalistic spaces to add that pop of green, they certainly make a statement whilst giving a chic feel. Requiring a decent amount of light they will thrive, should the leaves start to turn yellow, consider a slightly darker spot. Watering is easy, simply wait until the top soil is dry until the next drink.


Happy Plants

Like the name, these guys will delight you with their fresh green leaves and yellowy-green variegation. Sure to light up any space they do require a bit of light but never direct. Much like our other easy care plants, the topsoil is a good indication of when to water these happy honeys!


Alocasia Bambino

Known for their weird and wonderful thick and oddly shaped dark green-blueish leaves with lighter prominent green veins. These plants are strangely beautiful. They thrive in a well-lit position and like to be kept moist, therefore a small watering frequently is ideal for these perplexing plants.



Transport yourself to a tropical oasis with a Zanzibar plant. These guys like to be warm but in shaded positions. Zanzibar’s can go an incredible 2 months in winter without water and 1 month in summer – the winner for the toughest indoor plant goes to….!


Raindrop Peperomia

Last but not least, The Raindrop Peperomia with its gorgeous glossy green leaves likes a bit of warmth and light. Without these two elements it will cease to grow.  Therefore it is suited to a position close to a window that attracts soft light. Over watering will cause root rot in Peperomia and therefore it’s important to wait until the soil is dry in between watering’s.



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