Top 5 Green Trends


When your home design starts to feel a little stale, the easiest way to brighten your surroundings is with a quick green fix. But that doesn't mean simply adding a plant to an empty corner and calling it a day. Instead, add some pop to your pad by taking your greenery to creative, unexpected places. With artificial plants you can have way more fun and freedom to do just that. Here are The Plants Project Team’s top 5 green trends to try!


  1. Create a Gallery of Greens

Let out that inner artist—and botanist—by coloring your walls with your very own green art installation. Mount a verdant patch of plants like our Green Circles onto a small wooden board or pegboard. Or enclose florals like the Blossom Bunch in a colorful frame—or use a spindly vine like our Rhipsalis Plant as a frame in itself.


  1. Give Yourself a Room with a (Green) View

Those of us not blessed with a breathtaking view can easily turn our surroundings into a lush paradise by adding a vibrant plant display in front of windows that offer less-than-desirable scenery. Add big pops of green with grand pieces like our Bird of Paradise Plant to transform any ugly view into an inspiring one.


  1. Taste the Tropics

The tropics are always on trend, and it's easy enough to create your very own staycation—everyday—by spicing up your home with some fresh island flavor. Add immediate tropical vibes to any room with our Phoenix Palm. Or if you're planning to host a dinner party, take your guests straight to the beach by using Monstera Leaves as simple, elegant place settings.


  1. Let It All Float On

Water can naturally add a sense of calm to your space—it can also make your artificial plant come to life. Just add water and some wispy greenery, like our Angel Vine Plant, to a big transparent pot or vase. The floating greenery will add an ethereal touch to any room.


  1. Set Your Sights High

Hanging pots can transform any drab spot into an enchanting wonderland. Install a chic Round Hanging Ceramic Pot and fill it with the greenery of your choice, or affix one of our pre-made hanging baskets, like the Rusted Pot with Hoya, to an empty wall for an immediate room refresh.


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