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Munash Organics has created an exciting range of indoor plant care that will turn even the most novice indoor plant owners into jedi plant masters. The best part? It’s completely natural, safe to use indoors and non-toxic.

Choose from either soil food, spray or grab both! 

1 x Soil Food = $19

1 x Foliage Spray = $19

Foliage Spray

The Munash Indoor Plant Spray is a mineralised foliage spray. A gentle blend of natural minerals from the sea will give your indoor plants a nourishing boost, keeping them happy and healthy.

It is light enough to be used every couple of days to gently nourish the leaves however we say a light spray once a week/two weeks is enough.

As the indoor plant gardener tend to overuse/overwater we have made sure that this spray is gentle enough to be used little and often.

Soil Food

This organic soil food has been formulated especially for indoor plants as an easy way to boost the soil full of nutrients and get your indoor plants thriving!

Unlike plants living outside in the garden, houseplants don’t have a regular source of nutrient replenishment unless we feed them regularly.

The Indoor Plant food is here to do the job for you by providing the soil with essential trace elements and minerals that your plants need to stay strong, healthy and resistant to disease. Just a teaspoon of this rockdust every two months is all you need per plant!