How to Get That Minimalist Look in Your Home


Minimalism is not just about streamlining your space, but decluttering your mind. In fact, simplifying your spot can even help alleviate stress. And contrary to what some people think, minimalism need not be realized in cold, boring, and stale decor. It's very possible to minimize your home while maximizing your style and comfort. Here are five ways to achieve that minimalist look. 


  1. Color Code for Comfort

For a fresh start, you first need a clean slate. The quintessential minimalist look begins with simple white walls—this is the easiest way to naturally open up and brighten your space. From there, think earthy tones for furnishings and accents: beiges, nudes, caramels, charcoals, chocolates, and leafy greens. Choose natural fabrics and materials, like wood, leather, cotton, cork, and wool to keep the ambiance warm and welcoming.



  1. Tantalize with Textures

The trick to giving your space some playfulness—especially when using all neutral tones—is to please the eye with a variety of textures and materials. Don't be afraid to layer cream-colored cotton pillows atop a shaggy, beige blanket and a coffee-hued leather sofa, for example. You can also play around with woven baskets, stone pots, or metal frames for added accent and texture.



  1. Pick Plants to Match Your Personality

Bright pops of greenery will help set the tone and bring in an overall sense of calm. The key is to pick plants that mesh best with your personality. Choosing artificial greenery will open up a world of possibilities. For those craving the tropics, opt for our lush Bird of Paradise plant or maybe the Phoenix Palm. If you're feeling more of a desert vibe, try lining a shelf with a row of succulents or small cacti. The right fake plants can show your real personality.



  1. Live by the Light

Take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Window treatments should be understated and functional to help direct sunlight into the room in an optimal way. Once the sun goes down, look to one fabulous light fixture to serve as a room's focal point. Eco-friendly tip: Use LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs, which can last 8 to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, while using only 25-30 percent of the energy. 


  1. Focus on Your Furniture

Achieving the minimalist look doesn't require you to be an actual minimalist (phew!), so be sure to collect all your clutter and find the best furniture that can double as an effective storage unit. Every major piece in your room should have its purpose—and maybe even multiple purposes. You can find sofas with storage areas underneath, benches with hidden compartments, and even sleek cabinets and credenzas that beautifully blend in on the outside while holding all your piles of stuff on the inside.



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