If home is where your heart is, it better well be a heartening place. This is especially true in that one area where you can truly unwind: the living room. If this room is starting to feel a bit dull, you inevitably will as well. Here are five quick, easy ways to brighten up that beloved space and, consequently, your life (we promise!).

1. Go Green!

Of course, here at The Plant Project, we believe the greener, the better. But there's no need to turn your comfort zone into a full-on jungle either. If you have a great open space to play with, we recommend some big bursts of green, like a Rubber Tree or this lush Monstera Plant.

But even small pops of greenery, like this Agave Plant, can put a whole new breath of life into your living room.

2. Revel in Reflections

A sure-fire way to make your room both lighten and lengthen is by adding a few reflective surfaces. To double on the experience place glass, crystal, or metallic pieces on a glass-topped table. Or simply add funky-shaped mirrors to a wall art display or a few shiny accessories to a lonely side table or shelf. 

3. Corral Your Clutter

Sure, it's a chore, but eliminating any clutter (stacks of books, magazines, papers, or even electrical devices and their ugly cords) will immediately open up any space. Not only that, it can bring you some peace of mind—it's scientifically proven that clutter causes its own level of anxiety. Need an easy fix? Organise and hide away any messy stacks of media in a stylish set of boxes to be placed on or under furniture.

4. Hang Your Holders High

When adding more green, think up: hanging pots and baskets can add some wonder and whimsy to even the most uninspiring space. This Woven Basket with Boston Fern will add a soft touch of natural beauty, while this Round Hanging Ceramic Bowl with a matching artificial green plant will bring some subtle sophistication to any living room.

5. Cluster Your Colours

To achieve optimal room brightness, a backdrop of neutral colours is typically your best bet. But you'll also want to add some eye-catching pops of bold colours to up the dazzle. When doing so, try grouping your tones together. Display a set of rich blue vases on a wooden shelf, place a trio of bright yellow pillows on a white sofa, or maybe gather some radiant Red Roses for a striking table centrepiece.


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